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Handouts and illustrations:

A flock of sundogs(PDF)


Strange Irridescent Clouds
Chasing Circumzenuthal arcs

Click here to view a collection of clouds and weather related images

This site on atmospheric optics will change how you look at the sky in daytime: (A good site to learn about global climate change)

Heavens-Above (for information about satelites)


Sun Pillar

Light from the set sun appears to be refracted vertically by moisture in the air, forming the pillar photographed 6/14/08


Irridescent Cloud

Irridescent cloud observed at Palm Desert. (1/3200-second shutter speed; 100 ISO)

The sun is behind the palm fronds in this picture in the lower right. Below is the type of cloud creating this effect, a lenticular cloud formed by air forced upward by a mountain, in this case, Mt. San Jacinto.


Sun and Ocean from San Jacinto

This photo catches the sun just right to turn the ocean, seen from San Jacinto, into a firey orange. The Temcula Valley must be between some of the ridgelines in this picture.