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Handouts and illustrations:

A flock of sundog(pdf)


Strange Irridescent Clouds
Chasing Circumzenuthal arcs



This site on atmospheric optics will change how you look at the sky in daytime: (A good site to learn about global climate change)

Heavens-Above (for information about satelites)

Sun arc over Temecula. Classic sun arc formed by refraction of ice crystals. Note the view of the is blocked by a street light.

Sun Dog over Murrieta, but Shaun Brodie of Murrieta



Parhelia: Glory effect photographed by Shaun Brodie of Murrieta (for more on parhelia, see


Parhelia: Circumzenuthal arc. This is an upside down rainbow formed by ice crystals. These arcs appear overhead, near the zenuth, when the sun is low. (for more on parhelia, see

Photo details: Photo was taken on 35mm color slide film and then transferred to digital format by using a slide duplicator lense on a digital camera.