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Scott Kardel of Palomar Observatory reports an improvement in Palomar College's lighting. They've discontinued their roof lighting, recognizing the lights pointed upward and mounted on a roof have no safety or security value, pollute the night sky, undermine research at one of the institutions their graduates may want to use, and waste enerty.

For the complete story, see Scott Kardel's blog.



news stories

Wall Street Journal, It's All About the Lighting , City Lights Are Obscuring Our Starry Nights July 25, 2008

This article mentions health risks from night lighting as well as local efforts going on at Borrego Springs and Palomar Observatory.

North County Times, Escondido OKs huge electronic screen for new Lexus dealer

The article has provoked many citizens to voice their complaints at the blog at the end of the article. This article and their complaints is a must-read as due diligence for any business considering a bright, audacious night-time display.

Press Enterprise, Let There Be Night: 'Sky glow' hinders Palomar Observatory's view of deep space

The New Yorker, The Dark Side: Making War on Light Pollution