I got drawn into climate science because of its overlap with astronomy. For example, the pacing of ice ages is determined by changes in Earth's orbit, which in turn gives scientists a record of known changes in Earth's energy budget that can be used to assess how Earth's climate responds to disturbances. After studying climate science and realizing how little I know, I was appalled by how many people in the US disparage climate science while knowing much less than I did. Thus, I started sharing my learning as a test of myself and as teaching aids to those who are interested.


The science of climatology is well founded in astronomy. The images on the right are links illustrations and presentations that reside in the overlap between these fields. Some of my other climate science projects are listed here too.

Below is a graph showing Earth's orbit parameters, incident solar radiation at a few latitudes, levels of the greenhouse gases CO2 and CH4, and temperatures relative to a 1970-2000 baseline. Click the range bars (in white) on the timeline or drag the sliders to examine time periods.Click any graph to bring it to the front. Hover over a data point to read its value. Click a vertical scale marker (when displayed) to pin it; click again to remove it.

Eemian globe animation, Global Temperature Escalator, Glacier Mass Balance,

Jetstream Illustrations and Animations, CO2 measurements, Sea Level Changes

Geo timeline

Geological timeline 4.7 billion year time which includes climate events (along with evolutionary and geological events).

instrumental tempeature record Earth Instrumental Temperature Record GISS, NOAA, Hadley, and satellite temperatures displayed with CO2 and sunspot activity.
Orbit Viewer

Earth Orbit Viewer Interactive illustration about long-term changes to Earth's orbit. This illustration complemenets the graphs shown below.

Earth, Orbit and Climate

Earth, Orbit, and Climate A presentation on the astronomical foundation to climatology. Refer to the presentation for more information about the orbital cycles illustrated below.

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